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Take from nature, use in body and mind

"Ecofood" is interpreted as a source of resources from heaven and earth, and it is also the unique essence advocated by naturopathy.

"Ecofood" is a physical and mental health specialty store managed by Canadian naturopathic physicians.

Different from stores that only sell health products, we not only provide high-quality health food ingredients and daily necessities, but also have knowledge of food nutrition and natural medicine. Our naturopathic doctors will sincerely provide personalized food nutrition advice to customers in need As well as the body and mind detoxification health care consultation, the process is confidential and not tricky.

Naturopathic medicine is based on the following six principles:

1. Use natural substances

Based on the “Primum non nocere” principle proposed by the father of medicine, Dr. Hippocrates, natural substances or methods that have no side effects, no artificial chemistry, and no harm are used to help patients return to health.

2. Improve self-healing ability

Natural therapy emphasizes that the person’s own immunity and self-healing ability are the best doctors to assist the patient to create an internal and external healthy environment to establish, maintain and restore health.

3. Target the root cause of the disease

Natural therapy does not treat symptoms as the root cause of the disease. Its essence is to find out the cause of the disease and then solve the problem.

4. Teacher and friend

The word Doctor (Doctor) means “teaching” according to the original Latin text. Through communication and education, let patients participate in assisting the body to restore health.

5. Emphasize physical, mental, and spiritual health

Naturopathy believes that holistic health depends on the balance and interaction of body, mind, and spirit. A strong body, a stable mood, and an overflowing mind can be regarded as true holistic health. .

6. Prevention is better than cure

Enhancing daily health care awareness and a balanced and healthy life is always more effective and long-term than finding a way to treat when affected by disease.

“Ecofood” was selected as one of the “2015 Hong Kong’s Most Valuable Companies” by the Mediazone Group of Publications, which is known as the Hong Kong Business Oscar. Thank you for the review and the conference’s recognition of our efforts!

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